Its been a while but I finally did it!

This is my first blog for a very long time, well about a year. But it has been an exciting year for me. I travelled to India for a work placement for four months and met the most friendly, happy people. I worked with them and had alot of fun. These people are in fact the workers at the textile company I worked at in Delhi for four months.

It was definitely hard work and it opened my eyes up to the rest of the world. I hadn't been away to a country where the culture is totally different. The sights were amazing when we eventually had time to explore. I saw the Taj Mahal with my mum which was beautiful. Anyway Here are a few snaps I took so have a look. All of these at the moment are of Kashmir but will put some photos of India they are somewhere on my computer.
I myself have now recently become a jewellery designer and am selling on a fantastic online boutique which showcases new designers. Not only jewellery but also fashion accessories, gorgeous clothing ranges and more. So do take a look.
Not only will I be making jewellery but will be focusing on printing and Illustration so look out for those. 2010 is going to be a very creative year for me... Can't wait.


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