Treasure 2012 with Maria Lau!

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Gina Melosi's unique fashion forward collection 'Shattered Fragments' are all cast straight from broken glass shards. The Shattered collection captures the beauty of the glass shards but leaves you with an unsettling feeling. There is a beautiful juxtaposition of sharp and dangerous glass with the soft textures, luxurious golds and gemstones. Gina uses fair trade gemstones and recycled metals.
There are hints of textiles within her new work too with stitched threads and tassels adding a new dimension. Gina's collection is definitely not for the faint hearted, however I think there is a piece of jewellery everyone is going to want to take home and cherish forever.
Here at Maria Lau jewellery (found in the Design Gallery) there has been a great response to the previews of the S/S 12 and A/W 12 collections, especially the body piece.
It really stood out and gained many an admirer, and its only been the first day!
Maria Lau S/S 12 Luminescence collection is an eclectic mix of shock cord, hematite and glass beads, PVC cord and studs, creating visually stunning sculptural jewellery pieces. Inspiration for the collection is taken from Maria's Chinese heritage and her love of martial arts and her own imagination where she starts to create a strong female heroine character. S/S 12 sees the 'Silver Shinobi' with the supernatural power to become invisible and manipulate natural elements.
Maria uses simple and traditional techniques to create strong bold pieces with unusual materials. Using subtle tones of grey, peach and reflective stainless steel adds to the mythical feel to the collection. She is really pushing the boundaries between jewellery and art.
 A selection from Maria's S/S 12 collection.
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Maria's A/W 12 collection is a continuation of 'Luminescence'. This collection is called ‘Phosphorous’.
Using blacks and dark greys creating a more gothic and mysterious side to Maria's work. It's amazing how a sudden change of colour can change the mood and feel to a collection.
Her collection has also incorporated smaller more wearable pieces for the everyday but still keeping her bold signature style.
A selection from Maria's A/W 12 collection:
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It has been an exciting day and we can't wait to see what's in store for the next few days!


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