London Jewellery Week: My Day part three. Liberty: Meet Alex Monroe.

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I had one more stop before my day ended and it was a stop I had been looking forward to all day. I was on my way to Liberty to meet Alex Monroe and see his new Chrysanthemum collection. Liberty would be the first stockist of Alex Monroe's new collection.

alex monroe

Alex Monroe was going to be there from 5pm til 7pm. I was a little early so had a little look around Liberty to inspire me and also kill time as Ididn't want to look like one of those obsessive fans that arrive early to a venue and stands in the corner ready to pounce on a unsuspecting jewellery designer.

I finally decided to go into the jewellery department and slowly find my way round to Alex Monroe's collection. He still wasn't there, however I got chatting to two lovely members of his team, who told me about Alex's collection. They told me the collection was the best received collection at London Fashion Week, which is very exciting. They also told me Alex was cycling in from his studio. I decided to look around some more and have a little read of some books but with my eyes still on the look out for Alex Monroe.

Finally there was some buzz in the Jewellery room and a tall man had a crowd round him and a camera pointing towards him, it was Alex Monroe. After chatting to some other people I got my chance to spend a few minutes with Alex Monroe. All that waiting around was worth it. As you could probably tell I was a little nervous but he made me feel completely at ease from the start. He told me about how he constructed each of the chrystamimum petals individually by cutting and texturing them, and these are tiny petals.


 Alex Monroe is a very friendly man, who designs all this beautiful jewellery while also traveling the world frequently for meet and greet events such as this one. But he says that he finds these events so important for customers to find out more how he produces his collection. He really is a great inspiration and told me how he always wants to be involved in all aspects of his business even when it gets so busy. Like so many designers now who hardly find the time to design he makes this a high prority for himself.

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